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International Confex 2023

international confex 2023


Ever wondered why the next generation of event professionals don't attend your events?

02 Mar 2023
People & Culture Theatre

Or even worse; they don't turn up, you have low registration counts and shock horror, you have minimal engagement - but you can't seem to figure out how to reach this unique demographic…
In this discussion we aim to discuss ways for event professionals and industry organisers to attract the next generation of event professionals through social media; community building, and by adopting a new mindset, language and understanding.
By leveraging the power of social media platforms and fostering a sense of community, event professionals and leading industry events can better connect with and engage with the next generation.
By having a better understanding of their needs, interests, and preferences - event professionals can tailor their events to better meet the demands of this demographic.
Through this discussion, attendees will learn strategies and best practices for effectively reaching and attracting the next generation of event professionals.

Nyomi Rose, Social Media Consultant - whatnyomidoes