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International Confex 2023

international confex 2023


Empower Leaders, Maximise Stakeholder Buy-In & Secure Investment

01 Mar 2023
Association & Corporate Event Theatre
Corporate Events

The connection between the way we engage and communicate with our people and the success of the organisation is well documented, yet some leaders still don’t make this connection and place internal comms low in their priorities. Leaders who do not embrace internal comms, frankly, can’t deserve to call themselves a leader.
So how can comms professionals engage with their leaders and convince them to put to the top of their busy schedules an informative, engaging and exciting internal comms strategy, which makes their people feel included and encourages feedback.
The presentation will give practical advice on how to inspire leaders to be part of the comms process, be proactive and not simply just a last-minute commitment. How do you understand the leader’s vision and how can we present ROI which delivers the business case for their undivided attention.

Dale Parmenter, CEO - DRPG