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International Confex 2023

international confex 2023


Data-Driven Sustainability at Events: Measure and Take Action

02 Mar 2023
Sustainability Theatre

The upcoming panel on "Data-Driven Sustainability at Events: Measure and Take Action" will feature Eduardo Lebre, founder of Circular Unity and creator of the impactALL software. The panel will focus on the use of data-driven tools to measure sustainability and take action toward sustainability in Events, and how software solutions can be utilized to achieve these goals.

During the panel, Eduardo will introduce the concept of data-driven sustainability and emphasize the need to use data and technology to make informed decisions about sustainability in Events. He will discuss the capabilities of impactALL and how it is designed to track a wide range of sustainability metrics, such as carbon emissions, economics, enviroment, social, circularity and SDGs.

Eduardo will discuss how these tools can help reduce costs, increase efficiency, enhance the reputation of the event and organization, engage the audience and contribute to a more sustainable future. The panel will also emphasize the importance of taking action based on the insights generated and how the data and analytics can inform decisions about sustainability practices.

Eduardo Lebre, Founder - Circular Unity