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International Confex 2023

international confex 2023


Can you simultaneously improve your customer experience and the sustainability of your events?

01 Mar 2023
Sustainability Theatre

We know that the events industry is starting to make changes to meet the urgent sustainability needs of our world. These changes need to be rapid, strategic, and focused on reducing the impact of our activities on our planet and people.

While customers’ perceptions are changing on sustainability, they still expect value for money, and a quality experience.

Our session will explore how you can approach sustainability initiatives alongside developing your customer experience.

We will look at how you can:
• Consider where sustainability intersects with your customer journey
• Utilise sustainability archetypes and personas
• Identify sustainability opportunities for your events that will create customer experience highlights
• Identify ways to mitigate customer pains from sustainability initiatives

Who is Clarasys?

We are an independent consultancy firm based in central London, UK and Boston, MA (USA).

We believe in a better way of doing business consultancy; working closely with our clients to ensure we understand their business as well as we understand our own, leaving them with the knowledge that enables rapid and sustainable change.

Sustainability lies at the core of that ethos. It’s how we run our own company, and also drives the passion behind our sustainability consulting arm which offers clients an end-to-end service, from advisory to implementation across a spectrum of challenges.

We have a long-standing relationship the events industry, having worked in the space for the last 10 years on Customer Experience, Change Management, Business Analytics, Data Transformation and more recently Sustainability.

We are also working with the University of Exeter on an exciting research project looking at the intersection of customer experience and circular economy. We are working with leading consumer goods brands to understand and tackle the challenges of embedding circular economy principles into business strategy.

Ruth Wilkinson, Sustainability Lead - Clarasys
Sam Maguire, Sustainability Lead - Clarasys