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The time for lip service is well and truly over and the events industry is on a unilateral mandate to become more sustainable at speed. What are the realistic and achievable steps organisers, venues and suppliers can take to propel themselves along the path to carbon neutral? The sustainability programme on day 1 in the Keynote Theatre will give clear takeaways for a route map for all event industry stakeholders.

Post-pandemic marketing messaging has changed as we woo our audiences back to live events. Communities have built and strengthened via digital and social media channels and the challenge for event planners is galvanising these audiences to return to face to face with the right communications delivered via the right channels in the right tone.

The rate of advancement in event tech over the last 2 years has been nothing short of astonishing and investment in the latest tech is now fundamental to every event planner’s success.  Keeping abreast of a very crowded event tech landscape is a full-time job in itself and with new innovative solutions entering the market every week, International Confex offers the opportunity for a comprehensive overview of the hottest technologies and the future of event tech.

It didn’t take a pandemic to change the way clients buy. The sales process has been evolving continuously over the last decade and successful selling in 2022 is sophisticated, demanding a highly strategic approach predicated on emotional intelligence and consultative and collaborative skills to maximise revenues and build business relationships that last a lifetime.

In-house corporate event planners are necessarily laser focused on their vertical markets but there are as many shared issues for organisers as industry specific. In partnership with Eventprofslive founders, Kate Bullard, Baker McKenzie and Michelle Rees, GLG, the Corporate Events Forum programme will examine how to create events that are memorable, immersive, engaging and moreover that deliver maximum ROI to business-critical strategy.

In-house and agency PCOs face a unique set of challenges with a packed annual event programme sitting at the heart of an association to deliver membership value, provide essential education and create lasting legacy as well as being a cornerstone of association growth through member acquisition.  The ABPCO conference on March 8th is open to both members and non-members and a great opportunity to learn and network with your peers.

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Whether at events or in the workplace, research shows that companies who implement and deliver an inclusive, diverse, caring and supportive environment for their staff show the greatest levels of success and growth. Diversity and inclusion, wellness, mental health and corporate social responsibility are now core moral and ethical mandates for all organisational cultures. As a business owner or manager how do you ensure that you’re creating the best work space for your people?